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‘Today’s industrial hemp fiber processing solutions for tomorrow’s industries’

The increasing demand for sustainably produced products made from hemp and a severe deficit in processors in North America have created an amazing opportunity for I-Hemp Katalyst to partner with North American farmers, processors and manufacturers to develop sustainably grown and processed industrial hemp-based products for the North America. Read More

Our Farmer Katalyst Program

Preserving farmland and keeping it in the family for generations is a high priority for our company. I-Hemp Katalyst was created with an intention to save family farms and develop resilient economic opportunities to preserve one of our country’s greatest treasures, our rich agricultural land. By establishing nationwide hemp production cooperatives, we will be able to support growers for many more generations. Introducing the world to the importance of the family farm is the legacy our team hopes to leave behind. Read More

Our Products

Hemp fiber is widely used in the textile and paper & pulp industry, due to its long and robust fibers as compared to cotton, but being a renewable source material, its application has been increasing in many diverse industries such as construction, animal bedding, furniture, agriculture, and automobile.



HEMP KATALYST’s specialty is to produce very clean and uniform hurd in a variety of lengths most suited to building applications such as hempcrete, blown-in insulation and more. Smaller hurd can be supplied for manufacturers requiring pulp applications like paper or takeout containers as well. Read More

Bast Fiber

Bast Fiber

Our processing approach can provide bast fibers as short or as long as required by clients in a variety of industries, limited only by stalk length. Longer fibers are utilized in a variety of polymer and woven based geotextiles and fabrics while shorter fibers are more desirable for some clothing textile manufacturers. Read More

Micro Hurd

Micro Hurd is a finely milled powder made from the woody core of the hemp plant, also known as hurd. Hemp micro hurd is an excellent source of cellulose and can be used as a natural fiber in a variety of applications. It is often used to make paper, insulation, animal bedding, and even biofuel. Read More

Seed / Genetics

Seed / Genetics

HEMP KATALYST is working with the global leaders in fiber hemp genetic producers to supply farmers with the most resilient and productive seed and clone stock for their exact climate, soil type and production capabilities. Read More

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Introducing the world to the importance of the family farm is the legacy our team hopes to leave behind.